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Starting from "Alogoporos" the visitor can begin his adventure of exploring the region of Trikeri, as well as the outer part of the Magnesian cape that is formed by the "Tiseon" mount as a natural extension of Pelion mount.

The area has modern history but older as well, that is "getting lost" in the depth of time, as particularly the island was the first home of our ancestors in the area and is inhabited by at least the fourth Millennium. So the interested visitor can find information in the Argonautic Expedition and the Iliad of Homer. 

Later, during the classic times, the area is well known during the Persian Wars as an area with an excellent strategic position. A position where later, during the modern history was unique as it is between Aegean and Pagasitikos.

That, along with the untamed nature of the inhabitants, gave a major credit in the presence during the revolution of 1821 where they provided money, ships and good in the liberation struggle.

Today, the remains of this era are kept in the village of Trikeri, in the mansions in the village, in the churches, in the cobbled streets and the whole village that is typical of that era in terms of architecture and urban development.

The characteristic and seaside settlement of "Agia Kyriaki" is the port of Trikeri from the side of the Aegean Sea.
"Kotes" is a small fishing-settlement, harbor and port from the side of Pagasitikos gulf, and it is the first village to be seen when someone is approaching the area.

The island of Trikeri or just "The Island" as this is how it is called by the people living there is the only one in Pagasitikos, was the first residence but later was abandoned when the people moved and built the present village. In the island, there are today two settlements. The first is called "Agios Ioannis" where the port and the second one is "Agia Sophia". Moreover, there the visitor can find a significant sample of monastic architecture, the building of the former monastery of Holy Mary.

In relatively close distance from the complex, is the road that leads to a small "port" where he can find boats to take him to the Island by the sea.
The travel distances between Trikeri and other settlements are small:

Trikeri-Agia Kyriaki: 5.0 klm 
Trikeri-Kotes: 4.0 klm 
Trikeri-"Alogoporos": 5.5 klm